God Made Me Special Magnets

godmademe Preschoolers are learning about themselves and their bodies. Fingerprints are a wonderful way for them to understand that no one is exactly like them and that God made them special and unique.


  • To educate the children about fingerprints and their uniqueness
  • To teach the children the bible verse "I will praise You, for I am... wonderfully made" – Psalm 139:14
  • To help develop their fine motor skills by painting and gluing their magnet together

Before You Start: You will need the following materials: Craft sticks (plain or colored), colored construction paper, markers, rubber stamp inkpad, glue, scissors, damp paper towels, roll of magnet tape.

Set up a couple of centers with duplicate items on them. Have 4 ½" squares of a variety of colors of construction paper for the children to choose from. On the square write "God made me special and unique."

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Recite the bible verse for the children "I will praise You, for I am... wonderfully made"- Psalm 139-14.

Step 2. Have the children go around and comment on how they are wonderfully made.

Step 3. Talk to the children about their fingerprints and explain that no one else has the same fingerprints as they do.

Step 4. Let the children choose the color square they would like and have them glue four craft sticks around the edge of the paper.

Step 5. Have the children write their name on the paper or assist them with this.

Step 6. After the glue has dried for a bit, show the children how to put their finger on the stamp pad and then on the construction paper. Let them put as many fingerprints and any way they want to on the paper; you could even use different color inks.

Step 7. Let the children clean off their fingers with a damp paper towel or handi wipe.

Step 8. Add the magnet pieces to the back or you may add a loop of yarn on the back to have it hang.

Furthermore: There may be some children that do not want to put their finger on the stamp pad, this is perfectly fine, let them make the magnet any way they want to. Play some music while the children are engaged in the activity, something calming. Don’t forget to make one for yourself, as you are special and unique too.

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