Contact Paper Collage

contactcollage A festive way to display and preserve beautiful fall leaves!


  • To improve fine motor skills
  • To learn about the changing of the seasons
  • To have fun exploring nature and our environment

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for collage: clear contact paper, magazine clippings, confetti and other craft materials or recycled items. Go on a nature walk to collect fall leaves that have changed in color, pine cones, grass and other small natural objects.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place craft materials and items from your nature walk on a table where children can reach them easily and create their collages.

Step 2. Lay out 2 sheets of contact paper per child.

Step 3. Have children put their collage materials in between the contact paper. Let them press gently on the contact paper to seal the edges.

Step 4. Display for the fall season.

Furthermore: Collages make a great decoration for the front door. You can also place the collage items on top of a piece of construction paper as a background, and then place in between the sheets of contact paper.

Products You May Need: