Gelatin Giggles

gelatin Watch as the various colors "bleed" in, out and around the see-through gelatin!


  • To encourage cause and effect
  • To promote exploration of materials
  • To have fun with a unique sensory activity

Before You Start: Gather materials: plain unflavored gelatin, plastic droppers, Liquid Watercolor™ paints, tall containers or mixing bowls and an art tray.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Dissolve plain gelatin according to directions on package.

Step 2. When gelatin is ready, pour into tall containers or mixing bowls that have been lightly greased and refrigerate overnight.

Step 3. When set, release the gelatin upside down onto an art tray.

Step 4. Set out paint cups filled with various Colorations® Liquid Watercolors. Using extra long droppers, allow the children to dip 'n’ poke into the wobbly gelatin. Watch the colors move around inside the gelatin!

Furthermore: Cut the gelatin into "worms" or other fun shapes, and let children explore with their hands. Gelatin makes a wonderful tactile activity.

Products You May Need: