Free-Style Painting

freestylepainting The sky is the limit for creativity with this open-ended art project.


  • To encourage creativity and self-expression
  • To develop fine motor skills

Before You Start: Set out white art paper, Liquid Watercolor™ paints, watercolor paintbrushes and paint cups.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Colorations® Liquid Watercolor is ready to use, straight out of the bottle. These colors are so intense you can dilute them. Experiment until you find the color intensity you like best.

Step 2. Have children paint a picture on a piece of white drawing paper. Encourage them to use their imaginations. When it's "free style," the possibilities are endless.

Step 3. Allow artwork to dry. Hang on display.

Furthermore: Children can use any kind of inspiration they like for this activity. Some suggestions you could provide to get children thinking could include: nature, dreams, family, friends, pets, vacations, special events, occasions and holidays.

Products You May Need: