"Get to Know You" Graphs

knowyougraphs Students will have a ton of fun getting to know each other while working on a great math activity.


  • To get to know other students in class
  • To have fun while learning math skills

Before You Start: Prepare supplies needed for activity: assorted large stampers, jumbo washable classroom stamp pads, easel paper roll, yard sticks, black markers and masking tape. Cut the easel paper into strips about 3 feet long. Each sheet of paper will become a "Get to Know You" Graph. Turn paper horizontally, and using a yard stick and black marker, create tall columns for students to stamp. Give the graph a title, for example: "My Favorite Subject". Label each column with different subtopics/subjects, e.g. math, science, spelling, reading, history and English. Make multiple graphs with different topics, such as "Favorite Foods," "Favorite Types of Stories," "Favorite Recess Activity," Favorite Animal as a Pet," "Number of Children in My Family," and label its columns with related subtopics. Lastly, create a key on sheet of paper where each student will stamp their stamper and write their name next to it, so each classroom member will know who is what. Tape the key and the graphs on the blackboard or whiteboard.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Let each student choose a stamper to symbolize them. They will use the same stamper for each graph. Have the students stamp the key with their stamp and write their name next to it.

Step 2. Have students take turns putting their stamper in the different stamp pads and marking their choices on the graphs.

Step 3. When it is all complete, student will be able to see what each of their classmates enjoys. (This will be read in a fun pictograph format.) Take time to discuss with the class the "results" of each graph. Ask them questions, such as "What did you learn about your classmates?" or "Did you know that many of you like the same foods?"

Furthermore: The teacher will be able to see what the classroom likes and dislikes are. For example, the teacher may find out that most of the class enjoys reading mysteries over biographies. This could be helpful for picking out the class a book to read or planning lessons in general.

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