Flower Mural

flowermural Introduce children to 3-dimensional art!


  • To encourage creative expression
  • To practice control with fluid materials
  • To develop gross and fine motor skills

Before You Start: Gather materials: BioColor® paint, foam rollers, paintbrushes, balloons, white butcher paper and masking tape.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Make lots of large flowers with BioColor® using balloon prints, blotter art, and brushes.

Step 2. Wait for flowers to dry, then cut out.

Step 3. Paint sky and landscape on butcher paper. Use large brushes, including textured foam rollers. Dry.

Step 4. Adhere flowers to mural in 3-D fashion. Use masking tape to adhere flower center only. Fold out petals for dimension.

Furthermore: This project can be versatile for creating scenes to correspond with the changing seasons or for a special event. Encourage children to combine lots of colors to make the mural come to life.

Products You May Need: