Tissue Paper Stained Glass

stainedglass Create fun shapes with a stained glass look that make beautiful sun catchers!


  • Create unique, "stained glass" shapes for hanging
  • Build fine motor skills

Before You Start: Gather all materials needed for activity: tissue paper, Elmer's® glue, water, small cups for mixing, paintbrushes, wax paper, permanent markers, hole punch, yarn and scissors. Cut various colors of tissue paper into 1" squares. Mix glue and water (3 tablespoons of glue for each 1 tablespoon of water) in small cups. Test the mixture on the wax paper ahead of time, it should flow smoothly and not drag on the paper. Create a 12" square wax paper mat for each child. Prepare a few basic shape templates (star, heart, circle, square) for the children to trace onto their collages.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Provide each child with their wax paper mat. Introduce them to the materials they will be working with. Demonstrate how to dip the paintbrushes into the glue mixture and paint small areas on the wax paper in small areas.

Step 2. Show children how to drop the tissue paper squares into the glue mixture as well. Have them gently pat the tissue pieces down into the glue to coat one side (making sure it meets the edges), and then place on their wax paper mats. Let the children continue to place as many tissue pieces as they want onto their mats to finish their "stained glass" collage.

Step 3. Place collages to dry overnight on a drying rack, or anywhere that will allow air to reach both sides of the wax paper mats.

Step 4. Once collages are completely dry, have children trace a shape template, or create their own unique shape, on their collage with a permanent marker.

Step 5. Help children as needed to cut their shapes from the collages.

Step 6. Use a one-hole punch to make create a hole on their design and loop a piece of yarn through for hanging in a window or to display in the classroom.

Furthermore: When the shapes are displayed in a window where the sun can shine through, they make beautiful "stained glass" sun catchers. This activity can be adapted for many different occasions: simply use different colors of tissue paper or cut specific shapes to reflect a particular season, holiday or theme.

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