Top Hat

tophat This project is ideal for preschoolers through school-age.


  • To create a special hat that can be decorated in many different ways
  • To create a prop for dramatic play

Before You Start: Gather white paper top hats, crayons, Colorations® Foam Paint, glitter, rhinestones, markers and self-stick art foam.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. First apply crayon designs onto the center and rim of the hat while it's still laying flat - that is, before you "pop" it up into three dimensions.

Step 2. Apply paint over the crayon designs to make a "crayon resist" effect. If you use Colorations® Foam Paint, it will dry right away. Or use any other paint and let it dry.

Step 3. Add a pipe cleaner to the top for a "boinger" that moves as you walk. Twist the pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil to make it spring. Attach the pipe cleaner with a piece of self-stick art foam, or poke two small holes through the top and twist it through.

Furthermore: The center top and rim of this hat are made of tag board which is thick enough to sustain many water based paints, glitter and heavier collage elements. You can even tissue paper collage these sections with mildly watered down glue and colored tissue. The accordion fold sides of the hat, once popped up into 3 dimensions, is a thinner paper. With younger children leave this part white or it might tear when you decorate it. Older children can use markers or a thin layer of Foam Paint to color the sides.

Products You May Need: