T-Shirt Blotter Art

shirtblotter Wearable art is great for gifts and as summer camp projects.


  • To create an original work of wearable art
  • To encourage creativity and self esteem

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for activity: BioColor® paint, white paper, cotton t-shirts, Nancy™ bottles, BioColor® Fabric Medium, stencils (optional) and permanent markers.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fill Nancy™ Bottles with BioColor® and BioColor® Fabric Medium, using a 4:1 ratio.

Step 2. Place flat wax paper or foil between layers of t-shirt to avoid bleed through.

Step 3. Crease a piece of white paper, and open. Add BioColor® dots to the inside of the crease. Fold again and press paint out with fingers. Open paper and see the design.

Step 4. Press finished design onto fabric, creating a “print.” Smooth with palms. Remove paper.

Step 5. When dry, add accents and lettering with permanent markers.

Furthermore: T-Shirt Blotter Art is a perfect activity for the end of the year, summer camps or Vacation Bible Schools. It makes a great keepsake or gift and can be used well after the experience has finished.

Products You May Need: