Bumpy Collage

bumpycollage This easy craft is a great way to introduce pattern and texture!


  • To increase fine motor development, encourage eye-hand coordination and promote tactile stimulation
  • To experiment and explore materials, actions and reactions, cause and effect
  • To support open-ended creativity

Before You Start: Gather and prepare materials: No Glue Collage Boards, Colorations® Colorful Craft Sand, Colorations® Super Lightweight Air-Dry Putty, bingo bottles, Liquid Watercolor™ paints, markers and rubbing plates. Open air-dry putty bags right before the activity will begin (the putty will slowly start to become firm), pre-fill Bingo Bottles with paint and remove paper covering from collage boards.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give children air-dry putty and encourage them to pull it apart into smaller pieces.

Step 2. Have children press pieces of air-dry putty onto a rubbing plate.

Step 3. Let the children lift the putty to reveal the different designs they have made.

Step 4. Have them place putty onto a collage board. When they have placed a desired amount of putty onto their boards, they can sprinkle colored sand on top. The colored sand will give a different texture and prevent hair, lint and dirt from sticking to the board.

Step 5. Color putty with pre-filled bingo bottles or markers (or both)!

Furthermore: This can be a very open-ended activity, so get creative and have fun! Try using a variety of rubbing plates or dough tools to create designs with the putty. You may also try using BioColor®, Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera or other activity paints.

Products You May Need: