Spinny Art

spinnyart This activity uses a salad spinner, paper plates and paint to create wonderfully colorful works of art.


  • To introduce primary colors and teach color mixing
  • To show how paint spreads when spinner is rotated

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for the activity. You may need to purchase a salad spinner for this activity. You will also need 3 bottles of tempera paint in red, blue and yellow, small white paper plates. If you do not have a sink nearby, you may want to use an aluminum foil baking tray to protect work areas from paint. Make sure the paint bottle tip is not too wide or you might use more paint than you need.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place salad spinner in an aluminum foil baking tray or sink.

Step 2. Provide each child with their own paper plate, and have them write their names on the backs.

Step 3. Allow one child at a time to put their plate in the spinner. The child can drip or gently squirt paint onto their plate. The teacher can then place the lid on top of the spinner.

Step 4. Have child spin the handle and say the magic words "Walla-Walla-Washington" (or other words/phrases the teacher or children may want to use).

Step 5. After a little while of spinning, the teacher can lift the lid off of the spinner. Allow the child to take out their new work of art!

Step 6. Allow time to dry, and then put these one-of-a-kind projects on display!

Furthermore: By using just the primary colors, you can show how many different colors can be formed. Younger children may also enjoy this activity, but they may need help with the spinner from the teacher. All the kids will like the paint dripping and squirting. Really wet plates can also be pressed onto white paper to make colorful prints!

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