Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

mothersdayflowers Colorful, handmade bouquets make the perfect Mother's Day gift.


  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To encourage creativity while reinforcing color recognition skills

Before You Start: You will need Texas Snowflakes, Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, an eyedropper, and craft wire.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Cut several petal shapes from Texas Snowflake material, leaving a short stem at the base of each petal.

Step 2. Use eyedroppers to color petals with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor - encourage creativity by allowing the children to experiment with an array of colors.

Step 3. When dry, gather petals at the base and wrap with craft wire to hold together. Position petals based on the type of flower you want to make.

Step 4. For roses, overlap petals, for daisies, do not overlap.

Step 5. You can also try using small Texas Snowflakes to make simpler flowers.

Step 6. Add a pipe cleaner for the stem, and help young ones bundle the flowers with craft wire.

Furthermore: These bouquets can also be used for classroom displays or as a colorful way to welcome springtime!

Products You May Need: