Mother's Day Ornaments

momornaments Create a unique, personalized ornament for Mom using recycled materials from home!


  • To create an original ornament to celebrate Mother's Day
  • To teach children how to recycle common household items that can go from trash to treasure

Before You Start: Have children bring plastic lids saved from clean, empty food containers such as cottage cheese, butter and yogurt (or provide some for those who may not have any). Prepare small bowls with glue and pre-cut circle shapes of Colorations® construction paper to fit the insides of the lids. Pre-cut pieces of ribbon to use for hanging "ornaments." Set out Colorations® markers and crayons, stickers, buttons, beads, rhinestones, glitter and other appropriate decorative items. The teacher will also need to have scissors available.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Talk to the children about Mother's Day. Ask what kinds of things that they love about their moms or caregivers. Explain that they will be creating their own unique ornaments with a special picture for their moms or someone special in their lives using the lids they brought from home.

Step 2. Provide each child with construction paper circles for their ornaments. Have the children draw a self portrait (or a picture of their special person or mom) on the paper. Glue onto the insides of the lids.

Step 3. Have children spread a small amount of glue with their fingers around the outside rim of the lids. Show them how to wrap ribbon around the lid and press into the glue to secure. Cut off any excess ribbon.

Step 4. Allow the children to decorate the other side of their ornaments with markers, glitter, stickers and other collage items provided. Encourage them to experiment with different textures and colors for this open-ended activity.

Step 5. Help the children cut a small slit near the top of the picture through the plastic lid and weave a piece or ribbon through. Tie the ends together to create a loop for hanging. Now everyone has a unique ornament to give as a gift and display for Mother's Day.

Furthermore: The teacher may also have the children to bring a photo of themselves (or take a photo of each child in the classroom) to use in place of drawing their self portraits. The children could also write (or dictate) a special message, such as "I love my mom" for the inside of the lids.

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