Texas Snowflake Hats

hatgirl Working with a partner, take a coffee filter and lay it on your partner's head.


  • To create a unique hat that can be used for dramatic play
  • To encourage creative expression
  • To promote cooperation by working in pairs

Before You Start: Gather materials: Liquid Watercolor™ Texas Snowflakes, Liquid Watercolor™ paint, spray bottles and colored masking tape. Pre-fill spray bottles, and lay down newspaper to keep work surface clean from paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Gently press the coffee filter onto your partner’s head and wrap masking tape around the crown of their head, creating a “head band” of colored tape on your hat.

Step 2. Lay your hat on newspaper and spray lightly with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor.

Step 3. Take another small coffee filter and create a flower for your headband.

Step 4. Attach with colored tape. Adjust brim and place on your head with a smile.

Furthermore: Great for carnivals, costumes and "crazy hat" days. Hats dry quickly, making this a fast and fun project for kids. Children can add more decorations to create visual interest.

Products You May Need: