Stitch-It Book

stitchbook These books make excellent gifts for loved ones!


  • To encourage self-expression
  • To develop problem solving and fine motor skills
  • To support language development

Before You Start: Gather your materials: tag board, white paper, a one-hole punch, BioColor® paint, Colorations® crayons, paintbrushes, yarn, stencils and pencils.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fold tagboard "cover" in half. Add 9 x 12 paper inside.

Step 2. Punch holes through all sheets.

Step 3. Use stencils to trace designs on cover using crayons.

Step 4. Decorate with BioColor® paint. The crayon shapes will "resist" the paint.

Step 5. Place yarn lace through top hole. Stitch over-under-over through all the holes using top yarn. Repeat from back, using bottom yarn.

Step 6. Bend 1" at binding, so book will lie flat.

Step 7. Complete with story, poems and artwork.

Furthermore: Simple stitching helps develop children's fine motor skills without too much complication. For better quality journals, use a heavier paper, such as 80 lb. sulphite.

Products You May Need: