Stamp Pad Art

stampart Creative stamping made easy! Create a colorful array of your own stamp pads by using a bingo bottle filled with your favorite Colorations® Liquid Watercolor.


  • To improve grasp and dexterity
  • To practice manipulation of a stamper
  • To encourage creativity with an open-ended activity

Before You Start: Set out bingo bottles, Liquid Watercolor™ paint, clean stamp pads, a variety of stampers and white paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Simply rub the bingo bottle gently over the clean stamp pad while squeezing the bottle to allow the color to flow into the pad.

Step 2. Add pizzazz to your stamp pad by using 2-3 colors for a gradient look.

Step 3. Get out an assortment of stamps to make colorful creative cards, pictures or just practice your ABC’s.

Furthermore: Have children create a story using the stamper artwork they've created.

Products You May Need: