Shoe Print Putty

shoeputty Encourage them to step all over this project!


  • To encourage tactile and sensory stimulation
  • To have a fun with an open-ended art activity

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: Colorations® Liquid Watercolor paint, Colorations® Air-Dry Putty, bingo bottles, spray bottles, markers, cardboard, scissors, glue and BioColor® paint (optional).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Put a fist full of Colorations Air-Dry Putty on the ground. Step firmly onto the putty, printing your shoe pattern onto the putty.

Step 2. Adults should punch a hole in cardboard, and then, let children cover the cardboard with glue. Press shoe print putty onto the glue to adhere it to the board. Add additional coils and other shapes made from the putty for visual interest.

Step 3. Let dry overnight. Paint vividly with Liquid Watercolor. Begin with spray and finish with markers or bingo bottles. Hang to display.

Furthermore: Turn on some music while children are making their shoe prints to help get them to really move! Take remaining Air-Dry Putty and create your own 3-D sculptures. Add BioColor® or Liquid Watercolor™ paint to the putty and blend in with fingertips to create colored putty.

Products You May Need: