Shiny BioColor® Crown

biocolorcrown This craft is great for birthdays, dramatic play and celebrations!


  • To create a fun prop for dramatic play
  • To encourage creativity and self expression

Before You Start: Set out paint, cardstock crowns, paintbrushes and craft materials.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Apply Gold and Silver BioColor® paint to white cardstock paper crowns with a paintbrush. The paint stays shiny when dry!

Step 2. Decorate the crown with shimmery rhinestones, glitter, pom poms – anything that catches the eye. You can even attach streamers to the back and sides!

Step 3. Adjust the crown to fit children's heads.

Furthermore: Children can take turns playing king or queen for a day! Have them stage their own original play and use the crown as inspiration for the story. Imaginary possibilities are endless!

Products You May Need: