Valentine's Exchange Box

valbox Transform an empty tissue box into a personalized holder for Valentine cards!


  • To recycle a common household item to use for classroom card exchange
  • To encourage creativity and self expression
  • To create a one-of-a-kind box as a Valentine's Day keepsake

Before You Start: Have children recycle empty cardboard tissue boxes from home (or provide for those who may not have). Collect red, white and pink construction paper, a variety of holiday appropriate wrapping paper, heart-shaped and circle shaped doilies, Colorations® markers and crayons, glitter and other related collage materials. Set out scissors and bowls with glue and/or glue sticks.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have children cover their tissue boxes with the wrapping paper and/or construction paper. Encourage them to use different materials to cover different sections of their boxes.

Step 2. Show children how they can create their own construction paper heart shapes to use for decorating the boxes if they wish. Fold a sheet of paper in half and demonstrate cutting the tear-drop side of a heart shape, using the crease as the midline. Open along fold to reveal a heart.

Step 3. Children decorate their boxes as they wish using the hearts, doilies, glitter and other collage materials.

Step 4. Have each child to write their name on the front of their box with Colorations® markers or crayons. Now everyone has their own personalized box to display and function as a mailbox for Valentine cards during a classroom card exchange.

Furthermore: Extend this activity to include Valentine card making. Children can use the construction paper and collage materials to create their own unique cards for their classmates and loved ones.

Products You May Need: