Scent Bears

scentbears Create adorable bears, each with a special "tummy."


  • To encourage sense of smell
  • To develop fine motor skills

Before You Start: Gather materials to use for the activity: various scents to use on the "tummies", construction paper, scissors, markers, crayons and glue.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. The children will draw (or trace) a bear shape from construction paper and cut out the shapes.

Step 2. Add facial features to the bear with marker or crayon. Draw a circle on each bear’s "tummy."

Step 3. Spread glue over the circle in the bear’s "tummy." Sprinkle scent over the glue. Allow the glue to dry.

Furthermore: This is great sensory activity to encourage children's sense of smell. Talk to children about what they smell; does it remind them of anything? Ask them what scents they like or don't like. You can also use scented markers to create scent on the bear's tummy.

Products You May Need: