Teddy Bear Picnic Day

teddybearpicnic Teddy Bear Picnic Day is a fun way for children to feel special as they share about their teddy and play with it during their school activities. Imagination and the sense of wonder come into play as the children find their bears engaged in the children's regular school activities.


  • To encourage creativity and build self-esteem
  • To support imaginative play
  • To have a fun while enhancing early math skills

Before You Start: The teacher should send a note home note parents about Teddy Bear Picnic day. Children can bring their teddy (or special stuffed animal) to school for a fun picnic day. For snack: have Teddy Grahams and mini marshmallows. For art: have construction paper for children to cut out teddy bear shapes for a collage activity. (The teacher may want to provide a template for the children to trace their teddy bears from.) Provide faux fur, pom-poms, wiggly eyes, tissue paper, glue and other decorative items. For math: put out teddy bear counters for the children to sort and count.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Gather children together at circle time and allow them to share about their special bear (name, where did they get it or who gave them their special teddy).

Step 2. During story time, read the book Teddy Bear Picnic. This may also be an opportunity for children to talk more about their own bears.

Step 3. Have a lesson about music and movement. Show children how to do the Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around.

Step 4. Prepare a snack. Provide a blanket or mat for the children to sit on with their teddy bears. Eat teddy bear shaped crackers and mini marshmallows. Take the opportunity for an early math lesson by showing the kids how to make a pattern with their snack.

Step 5. After snack, have the children put their teddy bears to sleep. Encourage them to tell their teddys, "Take a good nap, and no playing."

Step 6. During recess/break, while children are playing, set up their teddy bears at the different centers: art, manipulatives, books, blocks, etc. When the children come back inside, they will find their teddies playing, and here is where the sense of wonder begins... "How did my teddy do that?"

Step 7. Demonstrate to children how to cut teddy bear shapes from the construction paper, helping as needed. Allow them to decorate their teddy bear shapes with the collage items any way they wish. Display finished teddy bear collages around the classroom.

Step 8. At the end of the day, make sure to have the children take their teddy bears home with them. Encourage them to share with their family about all the things that they did together that day.

Furthermore: The teacher may want to follow Teddy Bear Picnic Day with a drawing/reflection activity. Have the children draw a picture showing them with their teddy in class. This day could also be a pajama day if desired. Have children bring in their favorite teddy bear story to share.

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