Make Amazing Prints with Sunlight!

I’ve always been curious about Sun Print Paper and began experimenting with it this Winter. It feels magical to work with because you use the sun to create blue and white photo-like prints. In these samples you see both Sunprint Paper and Sunprint Fabric Squares. You simply place leaves, ferns and other interesting objects on a sheet of Sunprint paper, expose it to the sun for a few minutes, immerse the paper in water, and watch as a permanent image appears. In these samples I used small wooden letters and small plastic letters to create names. The plastic letters let a little light shine through and created a more mysterious effect than the opaque wood. Lace and stencils add more imagery. Sun Print Paper and fabric squares react to sunlight, creating unique patterns that are always white on blue.

This is a perfect Winter activity that teaches science and illustrates the powerful and tangible effects of the sun. Both fabric and paper versions come with simple instructions and are suitable for children ages 6 and up, or small groups of younger children. I particularly enjoyed the fabric quilt kit and highly recommend it for beginners.