Salt Crystal

saltcrystal Liquid Watercolors and salt combine to create a distinctive, richly colored project.


  • To experiment with cause and effect
  • To provide visual stimulation with a quick and easy art activity

Before You Start: Set out coffee filters, scissors, salt and paper to dry the filters on. Pre-fill bingo bottles with Liquid Watercolor™.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fold any size Texas Snowflake in half several times.

Step 2. If desired, make “snowflake” cutouts at sides.

Step 3. Using Liquid Watercolor™ in Bingo Bottles, saturate folded filter with paint. Start at the center.

Step 4. Continue rows of color, until filter is completely saturated.

Step 5. Open filter, place on a piece of paper, and sprinkle with table salt while still wet. Salt crystal patterns appear in minutes. Allow to dry.

Furthermore: Laminate coffee filters and hang from ceiling, or tape to a window to display. You can also use for a book cover or to create giant flowers.

Products You May Need: