Number Stockings

numstockings Preschoolers will enjoy this simple holiday-themed curriculum activity.


  • To practice rote counting
  • To develop fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need glitter pom poms, construction paper in holiday colors, tacky glue, scissors and ribbon (alternatively, you could use yarn). Optional: use glitter to create a more festive stocking.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children each cut out a stocking shape out of red or green construction paper. You can show them examples of stockings that are already cut out, but emphasize to the children that they can be creative with their shapes.

Step 2. Collect the shapes and use a hole punch to punch two evenly-spaced holes on the top of each stocking.

Step 3. Glue one pom pom onto the first stocking, two pom poms onto the second stocking, three pom poms onto the third stocking, four pom poms onto the fourth stocking, and so on (depending on how many stocking cutouts you have and the range of numbers you want to practice).

Step 4. Use as a rote counting exercise by having the children count out loud while pointing to the appropriate stocking. ("One", point to stocking with one pom pom, "Two," point to stocking with two pom poms etc.)

Furthermore: You can also have children create additional stockings, assigning them each a number, then you can go over numerals as well as numbers. You can also expand the learning possibilities by using this as a color recognition exercise.

Products You May Need: