Festive Foam Trees

foamtrees You can make a unique Christmas tree, or even a forest, with foam and paper clips!


  • To make holiday decor
  • To show kids that more can be done with paper clips than they think

Before You Start: Get varying sized paper clips, festive holiday colored foam sheets and some scissors.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Show the students how to manipulate the paper clip so that there is a base and a piece sticking straight up.

Step 2. Then cut varying shape squares out of the colored foam sheets.

Step 3. Start to stack the shapes from largest to smallest all the way up the "tree trunk."

Step 4. As you place the next pieces on, turn the pieces just slightly so that they aren't exactly the same way-this will give you the pointy-tree branches sticking out effect.

Step 5. Once the "trunk" is full of "branches" you can simply glue the last piece to the top and your tree is finished!

Furthermore: Try varying colors, different "trunk" lengths, and the color patterns you use for the trees, and then make a whole forest of festive trees!

Products You May Need: