Turkey Handprint Book Covers


Create simple Thanksgiving-themed book covers out of handprints!


  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To encourage creativity

Before You Start:
You will need a sheet of 12" x 18" manila paper for each child and Biocolor® paints in fall colors and gold. You will also need paintbrushes. (Optional: Have on hand an assortment of markers, crayons and colored pencils for children who may want to add more color and detail to their book covers.)

Let's Get Started!
Step 1.
For older children, allow them to write Happy Thanksgiving along the top of the sheet of paper, and November 2008 across the bottom. (For younger children you can have sheets already prepared. Another option would be to glue foam alphabet letters and numbers onto the sheet of paper.)

Step 2.
Help each child paint one of their hands with brown paint, making sure to cover only the palm and thumb of one hand.

Step 3.
Let the young ones each choose three more colors.

Step 4.
Have the children paint horizontal stripes of each color starting near the base of the fingers and going all the way to the tops of their fingertips. Encourage them to be creative with their color choices. Press the child's hand on the paper and hold the brown part still, but gently slide the fingers back and forth the create a beautiful and realistic tail.

You could also add embellishments with markers or crayons for the waddle, eyes and feet – have fun with these!

Products You May Need: