Color Blending Apples

colorblendingapples This fall activity is a great opportunity to get children talking about different types of apples and their many colors and to explore color blending.


  • To allow children to experience and learn about color blending
  • To build fine motor skills
  • To provide a seasonal, hands-on sensory experience that is not messy

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: plastic or paper cups, various colors of paint, white finger paint paper, construction paper, scissors and glue sticks.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have each student pick out their favorite colors of apples (2-3 works nicely) that they would like to use for their project. Provide them with their pieces of wax paper.

Step 2. Let children squeeze out several spots of each color into the middle area of one sheet of the wax paper.

Step 3. Have them place the second piece of wax paper over the first and gently press the paint around with their hands. Talk about how the colors overlap or create new colors when they meet and mix. Let the wax paper dry overnight.

Step 4. Help children cut an apple shape out of their finished painted wax paper, and let them glue on a construction paper stem and leaves. Display everyone's original artwork around the classroom!

Furthermore: BioColor® paints work well for this project. The colors marble nicely and don't turn into a drab color when mixed together. This is also a good sensory activity, and it can be a good project for children with special needs who may be averse to putting their hands directly into paint.

Products You May Need: