The Question Box

questionbox This activity is done the first day of each week as we learn a new alphabet letter and the sound(s) that letter makes. I decorated a large box with wrapping paper to hold the item each week that our new letter starts with.


  • To practice letter recognition, phonics, cognitive development, literacy and language development

Before You Start: Each week we learn a new alphabet letter. I have large letters a parent made with plastic canvas and yarn so they are colorful. On planning day I place an object into the "question box" that begins with our new letter for the week.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Assign a child to hold up the new letter to see if anyone can recognize and name the letter.

Step 2. Then make the beginning sound(s) that the letter makes so that children can use that information as they try and guess what the item is in the box.

Step 3. Give clues to what the item is and ask children to guess.

Step 4. Discuss words they hear and help them decide what is in the box.

Step 5. Let an “alphabet helper” peek into the box to see if the guess was right.

Furthermore: Children are so excited on the day we do the question box that they remind me we have not done it yet. I really like the fact that it includes language development, cognitive thinking and literacy all rolled into one fun and simple activity that can be done at circle time with all children.

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