Student-Led Bingo

studentbingo Make bingo even more fun! Students will take turns leading the game.


  • To foster cooperative play in a team environment
  • To develop language skills through sharing ideas
  • To improve shape and color recognition

Before You Start: You will need 1 sheet of 5" x 7" cardstock for each student, 5 different stampers, stamp pads, a ruler, and permanent markers. Also, you will need 20 bingo chips for each student.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Using the ruler, draw 20 equal squares on each 5 x 7 paper.

Step 2. Allow the children to stamp each of the 5 stampers 4 times randomly on the board, making sure to have one stamp per square.

Step 3. Once everyone is finished, you can play bingo!!

Step 4. Have the leader call out a stamper shape while the others use their colored chips to mark their boards.

Furthermore: Have students take turns being the bingo leader.

Products You May Need: