Letter Find

letterfind This activity helps toddlers as well as preschoolers learn, recognize and categorize the ABC's.


  • To help children recognize letters, and match like pairs
  • To help children recognize upper- and lowercase letters

Before You Start: Create sheets of paper listing the entire alphabet - you can do upper or lower case, depending on which you want your child to learn at the time. Also have flash cards, magnets, or blocks, anything that has the individual letters on them.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a sheet with the alphabet on it. Also give each child a marker or crayon.

Step 2. Have one child pick a block or magnet out of a sack, then the children must match the letter to the one on the paper.

Step 3. The children then mark an X on the letter or can circle it. So if they grab a letter B magnet, they find the letter B on their page and circle it.

Step 4. When they pick the letter, say the name of the letter a couple of times so they can remember what it is. For instance, "You picked the letter B, now let's find the letter B on you page. Cross out the letter B."

Step 5. Repeat until all of the letters have been done.

Furthermore: I do this with my two year old and he loves it. I also do it for my preschool. It is a fun game and really helps the children recognize which letter is which. For my alphabet sheets, I have uppercase on one side and lower case on the back, then had it laminated. The children use dry erase markers and wipes to clean them off when they are done. This saves paper and they last a long time. Try switching upper and lower case letters, by having them pick uppercase from the bag and match the upper to the lower case letter after they learn them individually.

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