Recycled Robot

recylcedrobot This eco-friendly activity is an inexpensive way to let children express their creativity!


  • To create a fun craft on a budget
  • To encourage creativity using recycled materials
  • To inspire imaginative play

Before You Start: Have children collect clean, empty paper towel and toilet tissue rolls, plastic caps and bottles from home. (The teacher may want to provide materials for those who may not have any.) Provide plenty of tape and bowls with glue (or a low-temperature glue gun), scissors, crayons, markers and other decorative materials.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Explain to the children that they will be constructing their own robots using materials recycled from home.

Step 2. Allow children to choose the recycled materials they would like to use to create their robots.

Step 3. Help them (as needed) cut the paper rolls and assemble their robots using tape and/or glue provided. Note: there is no particular way the children should assemble the robots. This is an open-ended project; allow them to be creative.

Step 4. Once the children have finished putting the robots together, encourage them to color, design and name their new creations any way they wish.

Step 5. Display finished robots around the classroom.

Furthermore: These robots are perfect open-ended crafts to use for dramatic and imaginative play. Children can form small groups and use their robots in a play. Or, have them use their robots to inspire a story they can share with the class or groups. The activity can also encourage discussion about robots and their use in technology or a science lesson about the body and all its parts. The possibilities are endless!

Products You May Need: