Handmade Leaves

handmadeleaves Talk to your class about trees and leaves. Discuss how the fall leaves change color from red, orange, yellow and brown. Ask if they have noticed the changes in the leaves when they are outside.


  • To promote fine motor skills
  • To enhance creativity

Before You Start: You will need one piece of white cardstock per child and red, orange, yellow and brown markers, paint or crayons.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Trace the hand and arm of each child and have them color using the markers, paint or crayons. The arm section will be the body of the tree.

Step 2. Help children as they dip their fingers into the paint and dab onto their papers for leaves.

Furthermore: An alternative to painting would be to have them tear red, yellow, orange and brown construction paper into small pieces and glue to their tree to represent the leaves.

Products You May Need: