Easy Eyeglass Holders

eyeglassholders This simple craft is perfect for storing sunglasses or to give as a gift!


  • To teach and practice lacing skills and hand-eye coordination
  • To have fun making a useful summer craft
  • To encourage creativity and self expression

Before You Start: Gather small pre-cut pieces of foam (about 6" x 9") for children to use for their eyeglasses holders. For younger children, the teacher may want to hole-punch the foam sheets ahead of time (fold in half lengthwise and punch around 3 sides of sheets about 1/4" from edge, leaving 1-1/2" to 2" ease at top (short side). Set out pre-cut lengths of yarn and/or ribbon, foam shapes, glitter, rhinestones, beads and small bowls with glue.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Provide children with foam sheets. For older children, the teacher can give directions for how to hole punch their own.

Step 2. Show children how to fold the foam sheets lengthwise to match the holes up, and then demonstrate weaving ribbon or yarn through the holes from one end to the other. Be sure to have the children leave about 5-6" of yarn/ribbon at each end.

Step 3. Help children tie a knot at each end of the holes they've woven through. With the length of yarn/ribbon remaining, the children can add beads for decoration if they wish or trim close to the holders.

Step 4. Allow children to decorate and personalize their eyeglass holders any way they like using the materials provided. Encourage them to experiment with colors and textures.

Step 5. Now everyone has their own unique case to keep corrective glasses or sunglasses in or give as a gift!

Furthermore: This activity could be an extension of a lesson about eyes and the use of glasses. Gather children at story time and read GLASSES Who Needs 'Em? by Lane Smith or a similar book about children and glasses. This could also be a great opportunity for talking about similar and different physical qualities i.e. some people wear glasses, some are tall, short, brunette, blond, can run fast, can sing well, etc.

Products You May Need: