Firecrackers / Sparklers

firecrackers Children can add zest to their art activity using a variety of different tools to create their artwork!


  • Encourage children to create art using different tools
  • Broaden children's concept of art by encouraging their imagination

Before You Start: Encourage children to express what they see and feel when they view fire works. Provide bowls filled with a variety of different colors including black. Include Colorations® Glitter Paint and Dabba Dabba Dot Painters in your preparation.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have children slip a Dabba Dabba Dot Painter on their finger.

Step 2. Encourage the children to make designs on the paper utilizing different colors of Colorations® Glitter Paint.

Step 3. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 4. Place a dab of black BioColor® paint on one side of paper.

Step 5. Scrape the paint across the paper to create the look of a fireworks display.

Step 6. A simple alternative is to provide black construction paper for children to make their "Dabs" with glitter paint directly on the black paper.

Furthermore: Children will experience first hand color resist with this project. Each child will have a different "fireworks show!"

Products You May Need: