Lacing Door Hangers

lacinghangers An excellent activity for reinforcing fine motor skills – and a fun way to teach kids how to tie a shoestring!


  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To teach children how to tie a shoestring

Before You Start: Prepare each foam door hanger by hole-punching 5 holes along the length of one side, and then hole-punching 5 more holes along the length of the opposite side of the door hanger, making sure the holes are evenly spaced.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Starting at the bottom of the door hanger, take the shoestring and begin to lace it into the bottom holes, crisscrossing the string just as if you were lacing shoes.

Step 2. Lace all the way up to the last hole on each side.

Step 3. Then, tie a bow at the top, just as you would when tying your shoes.

Step 4. After demonstrating this process to the children, encourage them to try lacing the door hangers themselves.

Step 5. You can also have the children decorate their door hangers with buttons, sequins or other craft materials - encourage them to be creative!

Furthermore: After you finish with the project, allow each child to put his or her name on the door hangers. Then, encourage the children to hang their door hangers on their doors at home. When they seem to be having problems tying their shoes, have them practice on the door hangers.

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