Shaking The Parachute

parachute While shaking the parachute, children learn teamwork while developing gross motor and fine motor coordination.


  • To provide specific practice in shaking the parachute correctly and safely
  • To engage in cooperative play; children playing together rather than against one another
  • To develop gross motor skills involving the use of the trunk and large muscles and limbs of the body
  • To develop listening skills; the ability to follow verbal directions

Before You Start: Have a parachute available, as well as an available indoor or outdoor space.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Position children at the edge of the parachute, standing up and holding the parachute with the claw-hold grip (knuckles up and fingers down) at waist level.

Step 2. The teacher says, "Shake!" and the children shake the parachute up and down using elbow and arm extensions.

Step 3. When the teacher says, "Freeze!" the children stop shaking the parachute.

Step 4. When they are standing, the teacher directs them to try not to move their feet. "Keep your body still and let your arms move up and down," is a good reminder.

Step 5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with varying time between "shaking" and "freezing."

Furthermore: Ask the children to match cubes with similar attributes (colors, size, materials, etc.), or try practicing fine motor skills by stacking the cubes.

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