Reverse Fingerpainting

reversefingerpainting Children will use their creativity to create simple, but beautiful works of art. This project doubles as a great tactile experience.


  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To encourage creativity
  • To promote tactile and sensory exploration

Before You Start:

You will need fingerpaint in various colors and large trays or art mats (alternatively, if you have a table that you don't mind letting the children get fingerpaint on, this would also be a good, large space for them to work on). You should also have paint smocks on hand as well as fingerpaint paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Set out bottles of fingerpaint and let the children choose the colors they would like to paint with.

Step 2. Make sure each child has a sheet of fingerpaint paper and her own work space, whether it be a large tray, mat or a section of the table.

Step 3. Have the each child fingerpaint on his or her tray (or table), then place the paper down and rub until it has had contact with all of the paint.

Step 4. Then, help each child gently pull up his or her paper to reveal the designs they have made.

Step 5. Encourage the little ones to experiment with various shades of color and designs.

Furthermore: You can extend the learning possibilities of this project by having the children make letters, shapes or a picture in the paint with their fingers.

Products You May Need: