Liquid Watercolor™ Bracelets

lwbracelets Use real potatoes and Liquid Watercolor™ to make colorful bracelets. This activity integrates color and shape recognition into a fun arts & crafts project.


  • To promote color and shape recognition
  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To develop eye-hand coordination

Before You Start: You will need two or three potatoes, a paring knife for adults to use for cutting potatoes into cubes, Liquid Watercolor™ in several colors, wooden skewers, a cardboard box or Styrofoam chunk to hold skewers upright, elastic string and beads. You will also need a paintbrush, cotton swab or bingo bottle.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Adults will need to use a paring knife to cut potatoes into cubes. The size of each cube should be slightly larger than the beads.

Step 2. Have each child stain the potatoes and beads with the colors of their choice by painting them with a brush or cotton swab. You can also show them how to apply the paint with a bingo bottle.

Step 3. Skewer the colored potato cubes (adults should do this) and position each cube about half an inch apart. Then, stick each skewer into Styrofoam or position upright in a cardboard box to dry. Twist the cubes every day for one week until each of them becomes dry and hard.

Step 4. Pull the cubes off of the skewers and help children string the cubes and beads on elastic (alternating each bead with a cube, if desired). After measuring the length on each child's wrist, tie the ends to fit.

Furthermore: Use this activity to discuss the different colors and shapes used by each child to further reinforce color and shape recognition.

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