Mixed Media Sculpture

mixedmediasculpture Try this fun, open-ended three-dimensional activity. Children will love experimenting with the various ways to use the materials.


  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To promote hand-eye coordination
  • To encourage cooperative play
  • To encourage tactile exploration

Before You Start: You will need smooth and pliable air-dry clay, paper plates (or trays), various collage materials such as feathers, foam shapes, straws, pipe cleaners, jewels, craft sticks, clothespins, buttons and beads.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place the collage materials on paper plates or trays where the children can reach.

Step 2. Give each child a lump of clay or putty on his or her own paper plate.

Step 3. Let them mold and poke the clay into any shape or design they choose.

Step 4. Allow the young ones to use the collage materials to stick into the clay.

Furthermore: Encourage the children to experiment with the materials. This is a great open-ended activity for both tactile exploration and artistic expression.

Products You May Need: