Earth Day Shopping Bags

earthdaybags This simple recycling craft can help promote environmental awareness and Earth Day!


  • To have fun reusing and recycling common household materials
  • To help children develop an appreciation for the environment and its resources
  • To encourage a caring attitude toward the Earth

Before You Start: Have children bring empty paper grocery bags from home (or provide for those who may not have any). Set out bowls with Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera paint and glue or glue sticks, Colorations® markers and crayons, paintbrushes and scissors. Provide scraps of fabric, old newspaper clippings and precut pictures from recycled magazines. The teacher may also want to provide pictures of the Earth for the children to reference when decorating their bags.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Talk to the children about Earth Day and the concept of recycling. Explain how they will be making their own contribution to Earth Day when they reuse the shopping bags they decorate.

Step 2. Allow children to decorate their grocery bags any way they like. Encourage them to use a variety of the recycled materials provided. The children may also draw pictures of the earth on their bags as well.

Step 3. Help the children write messages about the environment or Earth Day on their bags, such as "Please Recycle," or "Be Kind to the Earth."

Step 4. Now the children each have their own redesigned grocery bags for shopping and promoting Earth Day!

Furthermore: Hold a class contest! Challenge the children to keep track of how many times they can reuse their new shopping bags at home. Keep a chart of their progress until the end of the school year. Or, reuse the bags in the classroom to hold each child's homework, art supplies, etc.

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