Land and Water Earth Art

earthart Celebrate Earth Day with this simple and stunning project that kindergartners will love! An ideal activity for ages five to seven years.


  • To identify land versus water
  • To build geography vocabulary
  • To develop beginning map skills

Before You Start: Collect several small, flat, round/circular lids from food containers. You'll need powdered tempera paints in green and blue, and several glue bottles or paint bowls that you don't mind coloring the glues in. Also, have on hand a very small supply of flour. Mix the powdered tempera paints in the bottles of glue or paint bowls until you get the right colors of blue and green. Measure about a teaspoon of each color. (Stirring straws or chop-sticks would be ideal, or something to more easily stir with.) The blue is done once you've colored it, but the green still needs a teaspoon or two of flour added to it. Keep in mind that the green glue will need to be cleaned out, or thrown out after you're done, because the flour will ruin the glue and may emit a smell. Label the bottom or sides of the lids with the kids' names and prepare for a messy art project. You might consider using smocks and butcher paper to contain the mess on both the students and the work area.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. With a small group, have the students squeeze the blue 'water' onto their lids. You want this almost to the top, but leave room for the 'land' too. Set the lids aside for a couple of hours, and then return to add the 'land'. (Do not let the blue dry all the way out.)

Step 2. Squeeze the green glue to create the 'land' right on top of the blue 'water'. The 'land' should push the 'water' aside.

Step 3. When they are ready, gently pop the students' Earth models out of the lid. The floured green 'land' should have raised and have texture now, and the blue 'water' should be smooth. Label student initials in tiny black letters in the least obvious places for identification.

Furthermore: Try this project on your own before using it in the classroom to get a better idea of the project's needs and times. Add more flour for more texture. Optional: to add deserts, use a brown/tan colored glue for variety, or white glue for ice.

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