Pot of Gold Game

potofgold This simple St. Patrick's craft doubles as a fun activity to help little ones learn to identify numbers and letters!


  • To encourage number and letter recognition
  • To create a fun craft for a St. Patrick's Day game
  • To help children practice group cooperation

Before You Start: Have children bring clean, empty plastic butter/margarine, cottage cheese and/or yogurt containers from home (or provide some for those who may not have any) to create their own "pots of gold." Set out small bowls with black Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera paint, gold BioColor® paint and paintbrushes. Cut circles from poster board or recycled cardboard (cereal boxes work well) to turn into gold "coins" for the game. The teacher should also prepare his or her own larger pot of gold for the game using baskets or other deep plastic containers/bowls. (Note: this "pot" does not necessarily need to be painted; it can be covered with construction paper, fabric, etc.)

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children paint their containers with the tempera and the circles to resemble gold "coins." Let dry overnight. Before starting the game, the teacher should write a number or letter (using at least one coin for every letter of the alphabet) on one side of each coin. Place coins inside the pot for the children to draw from during the game.

Step 2. Have the children take turns choosing a gold "coin" from the teacher's pot of gold.

Step 3. Ask the children to identify the number or letter written on the coin. If the child identifies it correctly, he can keep the "treasure" for his own pot of gold.

Step 4. Repeat until all the coins have been correctly identified and/or each child has treasure in their pots of gold.

Furthermore: Allow the children to continue decorating their pots of gold with pipe cleaners, glitter, ribbons and other collage materials and display around the classroom for the St. Patrick's holiday. Then, gather the children at circle time and create a story together about leprechauns and their pots of gold.

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