Valentine Hearts of Love

heartslove This simple "all about me" activity also allows children to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day card.


  • To encourage self-expression through art
  • To help children recognize special traits in themselves
  • To expand creativity by making a unique Valentine's Day card

Before You Start: Take a picture of each child (or have children bring a photo of themselves from home) to use for this activity. Make a heart-shaped template to draw hearts (about 4-5") onto sheets of heavyweight construction paper ahead of time, one for each child. Have a variety of decorations available (cut-outs of toys and animals from magazines, stickers, Colorations® markers, crayons and glue-sticks).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child his or her own sheet of construction paper with a heart drawn on it. (To further personalize the cards, you can demonstrate to children how to trace their hands on each side of the heart shapes onto their papers, or help them do so.)

Step 2. Show the children how to glue the pictures of themselves onto the middle of the paper hearts. If necessary, help them glue their own pictures onto the hearts.

Step 3. Have the children decorate their cards as they like. Encourage the children to experiment with colors and to draw or paste pictures onto the cards of people or things they love.

Step 4. The finished cards will be one-of-kind hearts of love to display or to give as cards on Valentine's Day.

Step 5. Have children share their cards with the rest of the class. The children can then talk about the people and things they've included on their cards as things they love.

Furthermore: The Valentine's Day holiday provides a good opportunity to talk more about the children's loved ones. It can also be a good time to talk about the personal characteristics that they think make them unique and what their friends and family love about them. Older children may wish to draw some symbols and pictures of characteristics they think represent them on the cards. Or, the children may wish to write (or have help writing) a special message on the cards to their loved ones.

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