Discovery Table

discoverytable Create more than just the traditional noodle art while developing fine motor skills and expanding creativity. This activity focuses more on discovery and tactile exploration rather than the finished product.


  • To promote tactile exploration
  • To encourage creativity
  • To reinforce color recognition
  • To develop fine motor skills

Before You Start: Separate macaroni and rice in sections of the discovery table so that children can select the pieces more easily for their projects.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Center discovery table in middle of student worktables.

Step 2. Give each student an art board (real watercolor boards are a good pick) to work with.

Step 3. Have each student use large alphabet stencils to trace the uppercase letter of their first name on the board.

Step 4. Give each child 5 craft cups to select the types of pasta and rice they will use for their projects. Encourage them to explore the pieces with their hands.(Plastic art trays will help them transport their cups back to their work spaces, and will be useful for any sorting they will want to do.)

Step 5. Have the kids use glue to outline their letters. Create a thin layer of glue inside of the letters, then use rice to fill in letters.

Step 6. Fill in rest of space on board by completely filling in with variety of noodles or by randomly attaching noodles with glue in any way they desire - they can be as creative as they want to be!

Furthermore: The use of watercolor boards will ensure that each project will hold up to the amount of glue, noodles and rice being adhered to the project.

Products You May Need: