Bobble Head Snowman

bobbleheadsnowman Kids will enjoy creating these bobble head snowmen – a unique twist on a familiar holiday activity.


  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To encourage creativity

Before You Start: You will need two medium and one large-sized polystyrene craft foam balls per child and pipe cleaners in the following colors: white, brown and orange. For a more festive touch you can use metallic or sparkly pipe cleaners. You will also need glue, foam sheets (or felt), wiggly eyes and small black pom-poms.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Let the kids decorate the medium-sized foam ball (this will be the face of the snowman) by gluing on wiggly eyes, an orange pipe cleaner nose and a small black pom-pom for the mouth.

Step 2. Instruct the young ones to each take a white pipe cleaner and stick it into the top of the large foam ball.

Step 3. Making sure the larger ball is on the bottom, stick one medium-sized foam ball on top of the large one. Then, take the remaining medium ball and stick it on top, creating a snowman. If you leave a small space by separating the two medium-sized foam balls on the pipe cleaner, the snowman will have a little bobble to his head.

Step 4. Glue small pom poms onto the front of the large ball as buttons.

Step 5. Finally, have the children make stick arms out of the brown pipe cleaners by sticking them into the large ball on the sides.

Step 6. Have the assortment of accessories laid out for the children to select and glue onto their snowmen. Allow the kids use foam sheets, felt, ribbon and other craft materials to create accessories, such as a top hat, scarf, or anything else they'd like their snowmen to "wear"!

Furthermore: Use the finished snowmen as part of a decorative display in your center. These snowmen also make a great gift!

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