Gingerbread Boys & Girls

gingerbreadpeople Make life-size gingerbread cut outs (that look like giant cookies) and put students' faces in the middle.


  • To create a giant gingerbread person with basic art materials

Before You Start: Draw out the shape of a gingerbread cookie onto a piece of poster board and have the children cut out the shape. Have brown BioColor® paint, white BioColor® paint, shaving cream, roller brushes, shaving style brushes, glue, shaving cream, red sequins and a large picture of your student's face.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the students roll out the brown paint with roller brushes. The roller brush will create an effect that looks like gingerbread (similar to a sandpaper look).

Step 2. After the brown paint dries, mix together white Biocolor® paint, shaving cream, and glue until mixture is thick and puffy like boiled icing.

Step 3. Have the students outline their gingerbread bodies with the “icing” like paint using shaving brushes.

Step 4. Don't forget to add the buttons on the middle of their body and to add red sequins for the sprinkles.

Step 5. After the icing dries, take the child's face and glue it to the head of the gingerbread character and use your sweet looking students to decorate your class for the holidays.

Furthermore: I did this with my special needs pre-k students. We did the project in steps and it turned out great! I hot glued the gingerbread men to the outside of my portable and it looked like a scene out of Candy Land.

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