Symmetrical Scarecrow

symmetricalscarecrow Children will have fun making a character that will be the same on both sides of their paper or symmetrical.


  • To learn words like "outline" and "symmetry"
  • To practice creative thinking when making the scarecrow
  • To provide an understanding of painting and the printing process

Before You Start: You will need 12" x 18" white paper; assorted colors of tempera paint, including black, brushes, paint shirts, and cups.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Children should fold their paper long ways and then unfold.

Step 2. Next, put black paint on their brush and paint the characters head at the top on one side of the fold only.

Step 3. Refold the paper and blot. When reopened they should see the same shape on the other side.

Step 4. If children want a circle, they can paint half of a circle, etc.

Step 5. The rest of the painting is done in the same way.

Step 6. When the outline is done, children can paint in the character with the colored tempera paints.

Step 7. A background can be painted in too!

Products You May Need: