Woven Flint Corn

wovenflintcorn Young ones will create a festive flint corn decoration for the Thanksgiving season.


  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To introduce the concept of weaving using a Thanksgiving theme

Before You Start: You will need construction paper in the following colors: yellow, green, red, brown and orange. You will also need a glue stick. Optional: if you choose to make a decorative landscape, have on hand tacky glue and leaf shapes. You can also use raffia ribbon or string to add more detail.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children draw a corncob on a piece of yellow construction paper, making sure each corncob is wide enough to be folded in half lengthwise.

Step 2. After everyone has folded their corncobs in half (lengthwise), have them cut slits into the fold by starting at the folded edge and stopping just before the opposite edge. (You might want to demonstrate this step.) Make sure the children are careful not to cut all the way through; have them cut just enough to create slits. The slits should run the whole length of the cob, spaced about 1/4" apart.

Step 3. Cut sheets of red, brown and orange construction paper lengthwise, into strips.

Step 4. Show the students how to weave the colored paper into the yellow ear of corn, using an over, under, over, under pattern.

Step 5. Have them take green construction paper and cut out corn leaves to put around the corncob.

Step 6. Lastly, everyone will glue on the leaves.

Furthermore: You many choose to add raffia or string to the top of the corn for added interest and texture. Add a whole crop of corn, or a few fall leaves to create an entire landscape.

Products You May Need: