Fall's Changing Colors

changingcolors A fun, hands-on way to teach about the changing colors of the autumn leaves.


  • To introduce the concept of leaves changing color by engaging in a hands-on activity
  • To encourage creativity
  • To reinforce fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need a few shallow boxes or box lids, paint bowls, paper plates, scissors, golf balls, and tempera paint in the following colors: red, yellow, orange, brown and green.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. First, teach children about the changing colors of leaves in the fall. You may choose to read a story about the season to reinforce the lesson. Have the children name the different colors they see in the fall leaves.

Step 2. Squirt one color of paint in each paint bowl, making sure to have one golf ball for each bowl. Have one color at each table and have children rotate the colors among the different tables. (Make sure the children have written their names on the back of their plates.)

Step 3. Each child will take turns placing his or her plate in the shallow box and then dipping the golf ball into the first color of paint. Then, have the child place the paint-dipped golf ball in the box. Allow two children at a time to maneuver the box to roll the ball over the plate.

Step 4. Repeat this with each color, making a festive color palette. When the plates are dry, have the children cut out leaf shapes. (You might want to hold up examples of leaf shapes you've already completed.) Hang for a great display.

Furthermore: Note: if you have leaf cut outs, you can use those as well. If you use the suggested method above, that is, cutting the leaves out of the plates after they have dried (instead of having them precut), it is easier to avoid tearing the stems. If you choose to use precut leaves, treat with extra care.

Products You May Need: