Skeleton Discovery

skeletondiscovery A simple Halloween-themed activity that introduces the skeletal system to young ones.


  • To introduce skeleton parts while encouraging shape and object recognition
  • To reinforce fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need a light table or a tabletop light box. You will also need human x-rays, or, you can print and cut out pictures of the skeletal system. If using cutouts, have on hand a laminator, laminating sheets, scissors and a light table. Laminate cutouts.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place the skeleton parts under a light table.

Step 2. Have the children explore the parts. Discuss the parts, helping them name each one.

Step 3. Encourage them to make different poses with the bones!

Step 4. When they become more familiar with the parts, have the kids take turns partnering up and quizzing each other.

Furthermore: Find a song that you could sing while doing this activity to further reinforce this lesson.

Products You May Need: